IQ Option How To Deposit

IQ Option Deposit

There are many ways to deposit money in IQ Option and this IQ Option deposit methods will work for you perfectly without any problem.

Here Is Different IQ Option Deposit Methods:-
IQ Option is the best is the best Binary Options broker they offer many ways to deposit money in IQOption. There are basically three ways to deposit money in IQ Option they are listed below.

1.Credit/Debit Card
2.Wire Transfer
3.E- Wallet Service
This IQ Option deposit methods are explained clearly below with detail procedure.

IQ Option Deposit | Credit/Debit Cards:-

This the easiest and fast way to deposit money your IQ Option account there are no hidden charges/fees while deposit money in IQ Option. There are lots of advantages if you deposit money with your Credit?Debit cards in your IQ Option account. Some of them are

Instant Transfer:- If you deposit money in IQ Option with your Credit/Debit card then it will be instant and very fast you have to not wait and money will be instantly transferred into your IQ Option account.
No Hidden Charges/Fees:- IQ Option deposit with bank cards there will be no any kind of any hidden/fees while you deposit money into your account so it will easy for people to deposit without any hesitation.
No Extra Accounts Needed:- With this IQ Option deposit method you will free from any making any other kinds of account and it will save your time and money of your.

Note:- In some country like India Banks have prohibited to deopit money in your IQ Option account but don’t worry for them I have given trick at last of this post how you can deposit money in your IQ Option account.

IQ Option Deposit | Wire Transfer

This IQ Option deposit method is the slowest among all the IQ Option deposit methods and takes up to 5-10 working days to reflect money in your IQ Option account. Further, they also add additional fees with your bank transfer. So we do not recommend this method to deposit money in your IQ Option account. This is only for those who do not own Bank cards and want to still deposit money in IQ Option account.

IQ Option Deposit | E-Wallets

This IQ Option deposit method is good for those who want to make multiple accounts in different Binary Options Brokers. IQ Option accepts payments from three e-wallets which are Neteller, Skrill, and WebMoney. All of them works perfectly to deposit money in your IQ Option account. But we do suggest to use Skrill for withdrawal use it to just deposit money in your IQ Option account. This is because they are doing scam with people by taking extra fees then mentioned during bank transfer. So we recommend you to use Neteller as your e-wallet to make IQ Option deposit.

Bitcoin Method Works For Every Trader

[Update]- Now ICIC  cards are working on Neteller, So you can deposit your money in Neteller and from Neteller to IQ Option.
 You have to buy Bitcoin and after that, with help of Bitcoin, you will able to deposit money in Neteller and then from Neteller to IQ Option. Here is the complete procedure how to do…
  1. Make a new account in any of the Bitcoin wallets ZebPay/Unocoin, But ZebPay works only in Mobile and in that you have to download its application.
  2. Use this referral code "REF87077018" by going in “Free Bitcoins” section of the app you will get free 100 Rs Bitcoin.
  3. Now do just verification of your account by entering all your Bank details and Pan Card number.
  4. Now buy Bitcoin of whatever amount you want to deposit in IQ Option. You have to buy at least 1,000 Rs Bitcoin.
  5. You have to transfer money to ZebPay/Unocoin Bank account with Net Banking. Then just enter reference number or upload photo of your reference number which you get while you transfer fund to ZebPay account.
  6. Now Go to your Neteller account and just select deposit method to Bitcoin and enter your amount to deposit.
  7. You will now have to send bitcoin to given address to Neteller and it looks something like this.
  8. Hurry you have money in your Neteller account, Now you can transfer that money to your IQ Option account.